“Star vs. the Forces of Evil: Season 1” review



Okay, okay, I know I’ve been gone for quite a while, but I’ve been taking a break from content creating in general, but now I’m back. For the second part, yes “Star vs. the Forces of Evil” is a cartoon, but since I love them too, I’m gonna start doing reviews on them too.


A young princess Star Butterfly of Mewni gets sent off to Earth after she receives a royal magic wand from her mother, the queen,  as punishment for her improper behavior. She gets to stay with a boy named Marco Diaz and his family while attending school. On Earth, Star doesn’t even try to hide her magical abilities, thus soon becoming very popular in school. The series follows her and Marco balancing their everyday lives, battling monsters who wanna take Star’s wand and Star’s limited knowledge of the Earth’s culture and society which often gets them in dangerous, but funny situations. Honestly, I thought the ending of this series was going to be a flop, but it was mind-blowing and original.


Oh sweet mother of narwhals, what did I just watch? This series honestly, gave me multiple cuteness overloads while keeping me interested in its witty, funny and exciting plot. Star’s personality is so innocent and bubbly, but also not over-hyper and I appreciate that. Her impulsive, brave and risk-taking behavior work well in contrast to Marco’s, who’s very safe and prefers to stay out of trouble most of the time. The storyline has a tiny bit of predictability in it, but even that will be masked by a very good execution of humor this series has to offer along with its heartwarming cuteness. The opening theme isn’t very catchy as opposed to the closing one. The artwork and animation is so colorful and cheery that it is guaranteed to get you in a better mood. Also, this series has some very nice lessons teach its watchers.


  • Good plot
  • Great artstyle and animation
  • Nice ending song
  • Well executed humor (I was laughing quite a bit)
  • Lovable characters
  • Valuable lessons
  • Good ending


  • Minor predictability
  • Average opening theme


I got narwhal-blasted away! 9/10 for this series 🙂 Recommend to everyone


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