Highschool DxD review


Yes, yes, I know, I’ve finally watched “Highschool DxD”, took me long enough, right? I won’t lie, I’ve picked this anime up in 2013, back when I was still an innocent boy and was still just starting to get into anime seriously. It was long before I had a “MyAnimeList” profile so I can’t tell you when that exactly happened and that’s why I didn’t really mention it. Now, onto the review.

Synopsis: A boy named Issei Hyoudou transferred to an all-girls school when it became open to every gender about a year ago just so he could see some breasts and maybe get some action 😉 Issei and his friends gained quite the reputation for being a first-class perverts and spying on girls around the school. One day a black-haired girl named Yuuma confesses to him and asks him out. He accepts that instant and they go out on a date. The romantic day ends in a park where Yuuma asks Issei to die for her and after that she transforms into a fallen angel and tries to kill him for possessing The Sacred Gear that poses a threat to her kind. He survives, but with a help of Rias Gremory, the Occult Research club president and also a member of a very well known demon family. She resurrects him as her demon servant and thus the story begins.


The story and the plot are quite original and interesting, I have definitely not felt this much thrill from an anime in a long time and while it has left me confused from time to time, it still managed to keep me on my toes. The characters left me kinda confused the most, because they’d seem bipolar at the times. Issei, the protagonist annoyed me the most with his obsession with breasts and that obsession was made very clear in the first few episodes, but I’m happy to say parts of it faded away as the story progressed. The rest of the cast just felt typical, there was a hateful loli, the over-protective senpai and a sister-like moe. The artstyle was good, the animation was great too and the special effects were very well executed. The soundtrack was ok, the op was slightly better than the ending, at least for me.The character development is good, there was still room for more however. The fanservice wasn’t very sudden and jumpy which I liked quite a bit and it wasn’t too distracting from the actual plot and that’s very rare in ecchi anime. The ending was kinda a cliffhanger, but no really since all the feelings were out there and to me that’s good enough.


  • Intriguing story
  • Good character development
  • Good artstyle
  • Good animation
  • The fanservice wasn’t distracting


  • Throughout the first few episodes Issei was plane annoying
  • Not very unique characters
  • Cliffhanger ending


This is one of the few ecchi anime I actually recommend and I’d give it a… 8/10. Watch it peeps 😀


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