Bungou Stray Dogs review


Before anyone “reminds” me that I didn’t do a first impressions blog post, I want to tell that I know that. I forgot to do it and I’m so sorry, but by the time when I remembered I was already deep in this show.


A boy named Atsushi Nakajima has been throw out of an orphanage for unknown reason, at least to him it is. The orphanage was attacked by a man-eating tiger and so was the town where it was located and due to that it is very wanted by the military police, but it’s also dangerous. Atsushi was sitting on the river bank when he noticed a man drowning in the river, naturally, he jumped in and saved him, or at least he thought so. It was later revealed that the men’s name is Osamu Daizai and he is a private agent with a supernatural ability and he is also a suicide enthusiast. Daizai and his partner Doppo Kunikida take Atsushi to a nearby restaurant where Daizai treats him some food since the boy is broke and homeless now. The detective duo works for the “Armed Detective Agency”, the agency where most of the employees have some kind of supernatural ability and they are currently working on the man-eating tiger case. Since Atsushi seems to know quite a bit about the tiger they decide to question him about it. He told them that the tiger was following him and they have set up a trap after that.


The story is semi-original and the action is good, but the whole plot is very predictable and typical, made me feel like a psychic. The characters are again, typical for shounen anime, but each have a hint of originality. The atstyle is ok, it’s not very in-your-face bright and I like that and the animation is beautiful. The op and the ed are very suitable and compliment the anime well, but they are just average. The humor isn’t very well executed, but it did make me laugh sometimes. In this anime the character development is focused on the main character a.k.a. Atsushi and there is almost none with the other characters. And the thing that broke this anime even more is a cliffhanger ending.


  • Good action
  • Good artstyle
  • Average soundtrack
  • The characters have some unique sides to them


  • Predictable plot
  • Typical characters
  • Not very well executed humor
  • Cliffhanger ending


3.5/10, not my cup of tea ._.


2 thoughts on “Bungou Stray Dogs review

  1. The humour was very hit and miss. The first episode had me laughing out loud but after that there were only really a few times where it really worked. I’m kind of looking forward to this show continuing because while it isn’t amazing, I’m interested in where it is going.

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