Shokugeki no Soma review


Earlier today I finished Shokugeki no Soma in  a mini marathon. Honestly this anime is so good that it will remain as one of my all-time favorites and while there were some hiccups here and there it is still very worth watching. Although don’t get it mixed up, some of those hiccups occasionally ruined my experience


A boy named Soma Yukihira works at his father’s diner with him. One day some land sharks try to close this very popular diner despite its food’s quality and popularity. While his father is out, Yukihira saves the diner from closing, but his happiness didn’t last long because once his father came back he said he must go overseas and close up the diner, meanwhile his son would go to the most elite cooking school in Japan whit ridiculously small percentage of graduation and that makes it also the hardesr, Totsuki Academy. The story then follows Soma and his friends go through their classes and cooking contests where they don’t always win, but if they fail at only one task they get expelled forever.


The storyline and the plot are original, maybe not 100%, but they are, and the predictability is close to none so it’s very intriguing, exciting and addicting. The character development is for sure one of the main focuses in this anime which makes it even more enjoyable. The artstyle is astonishing especially when it comes to cooking and the actual dishes and the same goes for the animation, so it’ll make you very hungry. However, the one thing that separates this anime from the other ones is the fact that the characters try the dish, they transfer to a different scene that shows how much they like or dislike the dish, complete with very descriptive comments on the taste, the texture and the feeling the dish provides. But, as most of anime fans know, where there’s plot there is also “plot” a.k.a. fanservice and while there isn’t a lot of it in the beginning it gets more frequent and jumpier as the story progresses. The first opening was below the average for me as well as the first ending, while the second ending and opening landed right on the average. As for the characters themselves, I must say there were way too many tsunderes and moe girls for my liking. (Even though there are like two of each, but I think one is enough)


  • Great character development
  • Great artstyle and animation
  • Good plot.
  • Very graphic descriptions of the dishes


  • Jumpy fanservice
  • Not so good openings and endings
  • Too many tsunderes
  • Too many moe girls (I don’t really prefer moe, just my preference)
  • Soma is very dense


This is one of my favorites and it has wooed me for sure, the rating is… 7.5/10 🙂 If you dig slice of life go watch it.



4 thoughts on “Shokugeki no Soma review

  1. Too many lolis? There’s two things wrong with this, first it’s listed as a con… which is just ridiculous, and second I can’t recall even one in the entire show.

    Other than that, I’d agree with your review. I’ve always liked learning about new food, so I gave it a bit higher of a rating purely on personal taste though.

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