Food wars! Shokugeki no Soma first impressions


I have been wanting to pick this anime up when it came out, but I never actually did, so now I found some free time to watch the first two episodes of it.


Fifteen-year-old boy Soma Yukihira and his father run a small restaurant that is like a castle to him. Yukihira cosine is very famous in the city because of its rich and unique flavor. Through out the years Soma developed a passion for cooking and overcoming his father’s skills, but every time he tries, he can’t do it. After facing the people who want to close his father’s little restaurant and build a skyscraper on its place, Soma finds out his father is closing the restaurant due to his friend who needs his help. At first, he’s disappointed, but when his father tells him he’s enrolling a culinary school he agrees. After closing the restaurant, Soma arrives in front of the most elite, the most famous and the hardest culinary school in Japan with only ten percent students who graduate from it, Tootsuki Culinary Academy.

First impressions:

This anime has lots of charm and potential due to its originality and beautiful artstyle and animation. The protagonist seems a bit over-confident though, but that’s kinda suitable since his father is an extraordinary chef. Very deep and graphic descriptions of the flavors of the served dishes are designed to either make you hungry and taste the goodness or make you go “oh” and taste the badness. Whenever someone tries any food you are presented with a little scene designed to perfectly represent the way that the character is feeling while tasting it, the only thing that bugs me so far is the fact that whenever someone tries Soma’s dish they get ecchi and undressed, there was even a scene where a little girl tried some squid that was disgusting and it “felt” like she was being groped by it. You can only imagine where that led to. The opening theme is below average, the ending is just average.


This anime makes me hungry for more 🙂


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