Bananya first impressions


Literally minutes ago I was scrolling through my Crunchyroll in pure boredom and then… This anime dawned upon me.


Bananya, as the name tells, is a short anime about cats who live inside bananas. In the first episode we meet an adorable main character named Bananya, a silly, fluffy, white kitty whose home is the kitchen. Through the two episodes that are out right now, we follow Bananya as he plays around, wakes up and hangs out with his banana-cat friends. Each episode is around three minutes long and contains a journal and information about a particular character at the end of it.

First impressions:

This kawaii short anime has a very well implemented humor, I found myself laughing on the first episode along with the second one. The artstyle is definitely not your typical anime one, instead it’s very simplistic and cutesy. The animation is average. The ending theme is very cute and catchy, but this anime has no opening theme. This anime is great when you just want to relax and emerge yourself in something completely innocent with no gore or ecchi as it is geared towards the younger audience. This is one of those anime that you watch to get out of a slump since it makes you want to watch more anime and it leaves you relaxed and calm. I will be watching this one more for sure.


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