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Bakemono no ko review


I have finally watched my very first anime movie and I am happy that it was this one. I’ve been looking forward to watching this for a quite some time now, but I  just couldn’t get around to it when I had school, so today I finally decided to watch it.


A nine year old boy Ren lost his mother in an accident, his mother and father were divorced and so, being the only boy in his family, the head family was supposed to raise him now, but he did not want that so he ran away. Wondering the streets of Shibuya he meets the beast called Kumatetsu who’s looking for a disciple only so he could become the grand master. The boy ends up getting lost and somehow enters the beast world where Kumatetsu takes him as his disciple. Kumatetsu is a very stubborn, selfish, messy and unfriendly beast so he doesn’t care about the boy, who he renamed Kyuuta (kyuu means nine in Japanese). Since they are both very stubborn and have a temper their life together is nearly impossible. As Kumatetsu’s fight against other candidate for the grand master, Iouzan, who has everyone on his side while Kumatetsu has no one except Kyuuta, they have to learn how to cooperate and Kyuuta has to learn how to fight.


The story isn’t the most original and sometimes it’s even predictable, but it has its charms and moments when it blows you away with its very well implemented humor, lovable and hateable characters and twists. The artstyle isn’t quite what I’ used to seeing, but it’s rather simplistic which makes it very flexible and adaptive, basically fitting for every situation, whether it’s a sad scene or an extremely happy one (I even screenshot some pictures to use as wallpapers). The plot sure has its quirks, as I have already said, but for the most part its very intriguing and beautiful.  The soundtrack is also very good. The climax is epic.


  • Very good humor
  • Good story
  • Lovable characters
  • Great artstyle
  • Good soundtrack
  • Good ending


  • Annoying characters
  • Unrealistic situations
  • The predictable parts of the story


6.5/10 🙂 Stop what you are doing right now and watch this movie.


3 thoughts on “Bakemono no ko review

  1. I don’t want a lot of anime movies but I’ve been wanting to see this one because of a lot of positive reviews. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.


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