We are broken apart


As most of you guys know, I’m off to high school this fall. Today was my last day spent in my old school and with my old friends after eight years of being together almost everyday. In my country we have only elementary school that lasts eight years and high school that last 3-4 years, collage is optional. So as I already said, today was the last day of elementary school for me and a lot of us took it very hard and emotionally. Some of us started crying even during our first period because they realize that won’t be together everyday anymore. During the rest of the day other students who were also finishing elementary school were coming to our classroom to hug us and cry with us or just do stupid things with us, like signing our arms. During our fourth period, even though we didn’t like him and he was weird, we gave our chemistry teacher a big round of applause and one of us gave him a big hug. Then we played some board games. After six periods, at one p.m. started an eight grade farewell show where we gave a little speeches for each and every teacher and gave them a rose. When it was our class master’s turn he got very emotional and burst into tears as well, I wrote a poem for him as a side-gift along with a rose after what we gave him his true gift, a brand new bicycle. He was so happy that he started crying even more and jumped on it in an instant. When it was all over, we all had a nice group hug and then we hugged freely and cried. Even though I’m a very emotional person and I felt like screaming and crying (and I still do) I just couldn’t. No matter how sad I was I couldn’t cry. Why? I don’t know, my body just refused to spill out my emotions. Anyways, now that we’re out I think we all wanna come back and be a class just for one last time, but we know we can’t and it makes us cry. I’m feeling horrible while I’m writing this, as the signs on my arm are slowly fading away. I’m looking back at them every few seconds to remind myself that it’s unfortunately over. Although I know I’ll still hang our with some of my schoolmates I will still miss all of them.


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