Facade review


Facade is a Wattpad book that my friend wrote and that had me emerged for quite some time now, but it was also very relaxing and soothing.


The story revolves around an outskirt named Saito who lives in the town surrounded by this shield which keeps most of the demons, wild and mindless creatures, out. Saito is a half-demon who needs to keep his demon half hidden, otherwise he would be executed, but that isn’t really easy for him due to his messed up and unstable personality and short temper. He lives in a house with his sister Yui, who’s also a half-demon, but she’s also a complete opposite of him, meaning she has excellent grades, never gets into trouble, etc. One day Saito meets this girl named Hitomi at school and it was a hatred on first sight. To be honest, I can’t quite recall other details. Basically he meets her, she drives him bonkers every day and then he meets some of his sister’s friends who are very interesting. She starts showing his true nature, but they don’t show their true nature to him. Every single one of them has a surprise for the reader to slowly uncover.


This book had an interesting concept which lured me into thinking I knew what’s gonna happen, but then something new came out and caught me off my guard which is a quite rare event, especially now. The humor is also very well delivered, the writestyle could use a bit more polishing, but the character development is definitely this book’s strongest attribute. Chronologically speaking, this book had more “filler” (unneeded) chapters than needed. Don’t get me wrong, filler chapters can be an important addition to the book if balanced correctly with the main ones and this book just didn’t do that, plus there were quite a few uneeded characters that were used once or twice and then were threw away. One thing I have to compliment though, is the ending which was not necessarily very climactic, but rather soothing and subtle which compliments this book very much. It also is very psychological in a way.


  • Unpredictable plot
  • Very highlighted character development
  • Good humor
  • Good ending
  • Psychological parts are good


  • Writestyle has some minor flaws
  • Too much filler chapters that sidetrack the reader from the main story
  • Unneeded characters


I tried to be 100% objective with this review and I think I did a very good job. I would give this one 6,7/10, very amusing 🙂


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