Teen rants: Don’t be a bully, be a champion!



For more then a month now, I’ve been playing League of Legends and, although the game is very intriguing and exciting I did not have one hundred percent fun with it, even though I’ve wanted too. Why? Because of the so called “pros” who bullied me numerous times just because I didn’t know how to play the GAME. The word that so many of the players forget so often, sorry to burst your bubble, but League of Legends is just a video game on your computer, it’s not real. If it’s not real why do people get so upset about it? Yes, it has championships, yes, it has ranked matches, yes, you get low queue for leaving the match, but come on people, look around you, realize how you have bigger and better things to do then stress over some game which doesn’t affect your real life at all.

I won’t lie, I have criticized people too, but mostly that was a joke, while some “pros” fought with new players, because they have been slain so many times, not even paying attention to the rest of the game. I do not consider myself a “noob” nor a “pro”, and to be honest, I am not even sure I want to be that kind of a “pro.” For me the real pro needs to help new players and encourage them to play even more, needs to help them as much as they can and after that, be good at playing. For me the pros are my friends who have been helping me get through the bullying and encourage me to be a better player.

One time, in a match, I died like 20 times or something around that, basically I have been playing LOL for about two weeks then so I was still new and then one of my teammates started insulting me and I responded with: “So you were a pro since you were born?”, then he told me I was some eight year-old trying to play and that I should go outside and stop. Someone who played with Katarina defended me saying it’s just a game, but he continued. When I asked him how old was he, he said 10. I put my “really?” face on and said that I was 16, which I was. He then said I had no life in the real world and then I fired back saying he should learn English first then come back because he was awful at grammar and everything else, non of his sentences made sense and were almost unreadable. “This is a game, who cares about spelling?”, he said something along those lines. I was like: Oh, so you say it’s a game, but still you bully me?!”, without saying that I surrended the match. I was not about to put up with that anymore, so I moved on not letting it bother me any longer and played some more and eventually got better at it. This next one happened not too long ago, basically I was playing with Miss Fortune and some guy played Nasus, obviously he was still new, because he didn’t understand the terms we used. At one point somebody told him to stop playing and to uninstall LOL. Bro, you have no right whatsoever to say that to someone, even if they are new. I defended him with some other players. Other than that there have been a lot of other examples I could write about, but I won’t, because those people don’t deserve any spotlight, those people don’t deserve to play this game. One of my best friends has been bullied so much that she didn’t want to play anymore, at least not with the real people, but after some support she got the courage and now she doesn’t give a fuck about what “pros” say.

In a nutshell, don’t let the bullies get to you, you just continue to have as much as fun with the game like they aren’t there or turn to your friends for help. I am gonna continue to play this wonderful game and have fun, while also defending new players, you should too. Don’t let the bullies ruin the game for you. I know that if someone yells or complains about me I get angry and I don’t wanna play anymore, instead I just wanna punch them in the face, instead I just take a deep breath and try my best to piss them off even more, by purpose this time, or even take them down by counting the times they were bad. If you want to try this game go ahead I’d be happy.



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