Dagashi Kashi review


It’s finally here, the review I’ve been wanting to do since “Ao No Kanata” ended. Oh, I enjoyed this anime so much, but then again…


Kokonotsu is the main protagonist and he wants to become a manga artist, but his dad Yo wants him to run the family candy shop Shikada Dagashi. One day a girl named Hotaru Shidare comes to his town in hope to get Yo to join her family’s company, but he can’t do it if Kokonotsu doesn’t want to run the shop instead of him. Yo and Hotaru form kind of alliance to make him run the shop and they kinda try to do it in subtle way. Even though Kokonotsu at first doesn’t seem to care about the shop, he knows a lot of stuff about candy, or dagashi, as Japanese call them. Hotaru’s whole life consist of dagashi, she’s obsessed with them and soon we come to realize Kokonotsu is as well. Together with his friends Saya and Tou, Kokonotsu goes through many dagashi adventures.


I really liked the concept of this show, it’s quite unusual and very soothing since you don’t have to pay a lot of attention while watching it. The characters are really generic, but funny. There isn’t a lot of character development, but it still works out. There’s a lot of product placement, since the dagashi they’re talking about are real dagashi that are being sold in Japan, but again, it’s implemented so well, it actually compliments the story. The fanservice is very well implemented too, so it’s not very distracting. The artstyle has some quirks, but it’s ok, the soundtrack is very well made and the comedy is not great, but is good, I often found myself laughing very much. However there’s a hint of romance that is kinda hidden so there are some unsaid feelings. The ending is unsatisfying and Yo is too annoying.


  • Good humor
  • Good soundtrack
  • Very enjoyable story
  • Educational to some point


  • Artstyle quirks
  • Not much character development
  • Unsatisfying ending
  • Yo is too annoying


6/10. The ending ruined it all.


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