Dance in the Vampire Bund first impressions


I was very intrigued by the name and the cover for this anime so I’ve read the synopsis and I picked it up. Although I’m actually two episodes in I’m gonna hold back and write only about the first one.


A young girl gets attacked in the streets and after that she gets a strange wound on her neck. The media are exploding with stories about vampire attacks recently. Soon the story is transferred to the set of the Astrea’s Balance, the TV show that debunks urban legends and similar and tonight’s theme is “Do vampires really exist?”, there are three skeptics and two believers at first. Each one of them has their own theories and as the show progresses the believers slowly become skeptics. At some point we are introduced to the queen of the vampires who said that vampires don’t wanna hide anymore, instead of that they wanna live in harmony with humans. She shows them real vampire arm. The real vampire queen named Mina Tepes was hiding in the audience. Among the five people was an actor who was playing a vampire in a new movie, everyone thought he was normal, but actually he was the owner of an arm, the fake vampire queen knew that so he started provoking him saying the owner is a no-good, lame etc. He then lost his temper and jumped to get his arm back and then he drank blood of one girl. He transformed into a lizard, went to the studio’s rooftop where he met Mina who killed him. She then declared the harmony between humans and vampires, she also said they will build a kingdom in their town known as the Vampire Bund.

First impressions:

This anime seems interesting since it’s taking an unusual way than other vampire anime; vampires are coming out of shadows and they existence is public. Of course we have some anime cliches such as a loli vampire. The artstyle and the animation give off a very moody and mystic vibe, at least to me. Now, I know for a fact that in the second episode we still get one other cliche (I won’t tell which one) and that’s what kinda ruins this one for me, but we’ll see. I don’t have a lot mixed feelings about this one, it’s good so far except that cliche in the second episode, looking forward to getting into it some more.


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