Overlord review


Oh my God, if you’ve seen my “Overlord first impressions” you know I said that this anime can go either a good way or a very bad way. Well, it has picked the second one.

Momonga is a player of an RPG game called Yaggdrasil. He decides to stay online until the servers shut down, however he falls asleep and when he wakes up the servers are still up and he is trapped inside of the game. Soon he finds out NPCs in the game have their own minds and traits. He cannot contact the administrators of the game nor anyone else outside of it. Momonga is a master of a dark guild and due to that he’s very powerful and he owns a bunch of powerful items that are very rare. However, we later discover that he hasn’t been trapped in the exact version of the game, instead his guild from Yaggdrasil has been transported into a whole new world he knows nothing about. Momonga changes his name to Ains Oal Gown and decides to spread his name through out this world. He fights many enemies in this new world and overcomes them easily.


I had a very bad feeling about this from the start, since I saw the first scene wit horribly done 3D animation. Momonga or Ains Oal Gown is a Mary Sue type of character, everybody respects him, looks up to him, he never takes damage and he’s the most powerful in this world. There’s barely any character development and if there is, it’s not very well done. The fights lack excitement and the plot is all sorts of messed up, there are very large time-skips too. The opening wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t awesome along with the ending song. The artstyle was pretty decent except for the fact that in some scenes characters’ mouth look weird.


  • The artstyle is ok
  • It isn’t very long
  • The soundtrack is ok
  • The main character takes over the initiative of the guild master quite fast


  • The main character is a Mary Sue
  • Barely any character development
  • Bad 3D animation
  • Time-skips
  • Cross-dressing
  • The plot is jumping from one mission to another without finishing the first one



4/10 😦 Bad.


3 thoughts on “Overlord review

  1. I think it was kind of an interesting anime despite the flaws you’ve listed. Although, I do agree that the character development was lacking; however, I think rather than development, Momoga’s character was regressing into his undead persona. So you could look at it differently where his development is the notion that he is slowly embodying his undead character.
    I’m with you on the disappointing fight scenes. They weren’t particularly interesting.

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      1. I have to agree. His feelings were ambiguous in terms of the people he met at the guild. He was never really angry when they were murdered but rather irritated by how they were killed. I don’t know, I wish he did care more about them. I mean I thought they are pretty significant characters. It shocked me when they were murdered all of the sudden.

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