Overlord first impressions


I have picked this anime up because one of my readers suggested it to me in the comments of my “Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! review.” I have only watched the first episode and I am very pleasantly surprised.


An RPG game called Yggdrasil is shutting down after a long time and a player named Momonga, who is a very powerful dark wizard and a master of his own guild there, decides to stay online until that happens. He decides to walk around his guild for one last time remembering of how it used to be full of players, but now only three of them are left. As he walks he goes by his NPC guards and moves them into his throne room. In the throne room there’s an NPC girl named Albendo who is the leader of his guards, he decides to tweak her settings a bit so she would fall in love with him thinking that it doesn’t matter. He sits on the throne and falls asleep. As Momonga wakes up the game still looks ok, but with an exception, there are no controls anymore and NPCs can talk. He can’t message the administrators or anyone else nor leave the game. He soon realizes what’s happening and he starts to behave like a guild master he should be in game. Every guard is summoned to the battle amphitheater which is being guarded by the dark elf twins Mare and Aura. Once all the guards have arrived they all introduce themselves and bow to Momonga. While outside, one of the guards notices something strange and is ordered to report that to Momonga at the amphitheater.

First impressions:

When I first started watching this episode there was a scene where there is a lot of skeleton warriors, but in 3D animation, as I saw that I was thinking: “Oh God, this series already looks like junk.”, but as the episode moved on I saw that this guild is filled with only supernatural creatures and that kinda bought me because I can’t say no to vampires, demon girls etc. The artstyle isn’t really anything special, it’s ok. Fanservice was actually nicely implemented too, so I’m fine with it so far, we’ll see. It’s too soon to talk about anything else really. Opening and ending songs are ok, nothing special. I really don’t know what to expect from this one, it looks good, but it can also head in a very bad direction so I have mixed feelings about it. I must admit I’m intrigued, I’ll continue watching this for sure.


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