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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! review


Oh geez, just what to begin with this anime?

The story:

Geeky boy called Kazuma Satou who doesn’t get out of his house a lot decides to go just to pick up an early release of some new game. On his way home he sees a girl about to get hit by a truck so he pushes her away and ends up getting killed. Then he ends up in the room with a goddess named Aqua whose duty is to bring him to heaven. She also gives him an option to be reincarnated in a parallel fantasy world, thinking that this world would be like an RPG game he accepts. He can also bring an item from this world or acquire an item that would help him on his journey to defeat The Demon King who rules there. He picks Aqua to accompany him and so she does, but not willingly. Later we discover that he will not be your typical main protagonist of some game since his stats are really low except for luck, Aqua’s on the other hand, are abnormally high except luck. He becomes an adventurer and she becomes an arch priest so she can heal and so on. They are very poor and they sleep in stables. In need for money they form a party which consist of: a wizard called Megumin who uses only explosion magic, but due to its requirements she can use it only once per day, then we have a masochistic perverted crusader named Darkness and of course our crybaby goddess Aqua and a no-good hero Kazuma. Since they’re very bad they do poorly at first. Then a headless knight or dullahan, as they call it, cast a death curse on Darkness since he’s the leader of  The Demon King’s army and his castle has been blown up by Megumin, but she had to take it instead of her. After that aqua simply lifts the curse in one blow. The rest you can find out if you watch the anime.


I was so excited for this anime and it has let me down completely. The opening and the ending were decent let’s say, the artstyle was beautiful, the characters very bad and the story was not very intriguing, however somewhat ok. First things first, I cannot stand any of the party members except for Megumin although she’s close too. Darkness is way too creepy, I mean who enjoys being abused or publicly disgraced? Better yet, who demands it? She does. Aqua somehow manages to lift a powerful curse in one blow and she goes from cocky to begging-on-her-knees-crybaby really fast. Kazuma’s just annoying. There are also very huge time skips. Animation was great, very beautiful balance between 2D and 3D and very good magic effects. In first few episodes you can see a repeated scene of Aqua washing herself for a few seconds, literally the same scene over and over again. The fanservice would be better if Kazuma wouldn’t grab girls’ panties with his stealing ability and then try to get money from them. Who abuses a girl that just taught you her steal ability and actually tried to befriend you? He does. Oh gosh, this is one of the worst anime I have very watched.


  • Nice artstyle
  • Beautiful animation
  • Ok story
  • Ok humor


  • Annoying characters
  • Bad fanservice
  • Kinda bad op and ending


5/10 disappointment 😦 I will maybe watch season 2, I don’t know.


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