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Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm review



Yesterday I got to the most recent episode of this anime and that is episode 9. The story follows a young girl Asuka Kurashina who wants to fly more than anything. She moved to Kuna island that she used to visit when she was younger, soon she meets Masaya Hinata, the boy who goes to the same school as her. Masaya informs Asuka about anti-grav shoes they have on and about their function, flying! Asuka then meets Mashiro Arisaka and her senpai and love interest (or so it seems so far) Misaki Tobisawa. Despite Asuka’s bad flying skills, they somehow manage to get to school in time where Masaya gets a job as Asuka’s “coach”. The next day, on their way home, our “crew” accidentally gets into a match of flying circus or FC, for short. FC is a sport that is played using the anti-grav shoes, in that match Asuka accidentally manages to do an air kick turn, but she still loses. I will stop there due to the spoilers. The opening is decent, maybe just too slow and quiet as well as ending. The art style is great, considering that this anime adaptation is made by my favorite studio so far, Gonzo. The storyline is pretty interesting since the main characters don’t always win, but somehow Asuka comes from being a no-good flier to a good one. Ok, now I will list the pros and cons of this anime.


  • Great art style
  • Interesting storyline
  • Interesting characters


  • Too slow and too quiet OP and ending
  • Very big difference in Asuka’s flying in a short span of time
  • Some unsaid feelings (may be fixed in later episodes)


Considering all of this, my rating is….7.5/10 stars. This one was really hard. The anime is fun and great if you just want to dive in enjoy the ride, I’d make this review sooner if it wasn’t for “Mushishi”.


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