Isuca review


Hi guys, I’m back. Sry for not posting for so long. Someone very close to me died three weeks ago and I’m deeply shaken and hurt so I just needed to take a break from anime for a bit. Anyways, for the past three days I’ve been working very hard on my YouTube channel, my Wattpad and on finishing Isuca. This anime is yet another ecchi one and it has some nudity, but also a lot of blood and gore. The whole concept of this anime is what really intrigued me the most, I’m a sucker for magic anime so I just had to take up this one when I’ve read how a boy and a girl are fighting evil spirits or “specters” who came into our world. The girl’s name is Sakuya and the boy’s name is Sinichirou and basically they hate each other and then they slowly fall in love and that’s really cliche for me and I didn’t like it. Let’s talk about the plot a bit. One night Sinichirou meets this naked girl on the street who hugs him and grabs him, she then transforms into a giant centipede and tries to take away his life energy in exchange for the ultimate pleasure, but then Sakuya shoots an arrow through her head and saves him. The next day the girls in their school star getting killed by some monster and Sinichirou helps Sakuya to fight by giving her extra strenght or power. They start to live together and then they meet a witch who controls these monsters and uses them to try and kill Sakuya. The rest I can not describe due to spoilers. The characters were decent I guess, Sinichirou is too dense and Sakuya is too tsundere for my taste. The witch is too psychotic and crazy, but everything else is okay. Artstyle is good along with the animation. Also, the music is very good. Overall I would give this one a solid 5. Too much fanservice and crap about the ultimate pleasure.


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