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Otaku Talk Time: My childhood anime

When I started watching anime I was very little, I think I was about five or so. “Yu Gi Oh” original was airing on my national TV, but dubbed. At that point of time my mom thought that was stupid, but I started collecting cards too. One time I even got a box full of “Yu Gi Oh” cards along with “Pokemon” ones, but I’ve known nothing about card value so I gave away one of my Egyptian cards. Then I took up “Pokemon” original and loved it and I still love it along with “Yu Gi Oh” of course, but only “Yu gi Oh” original and “Yu Gi Oh Gx”. Geez, I’m still nostalgic, I wanna play so bad. I used to play with my former best friend and win almost always, but now I don’t have anyone to play with. Anyways… My mom told me that I used to watch “Sailor Moon” too when I was even younger, but I don’t really remember. There was “Astro Boy” too and I think that’s all. Funny thing is the fact that I didn’t even know what’s anime at that time.

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