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Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase review

So these past few weeks I’ve been working very hard to finally finish “Tsukuyomi” since it is 25 episodes long. This anime is about a 21 year old boy named Kouhei who works as a photographer for an occult magazine and one night he comes to the Germany to the castle to investigate with his friend Hiromi and his cousin Seiji (who’s an exorcist) because he believes that he saw a young lady on the roof of the castle and he just wanted to photograph her again. Basically, he goes into this castle and discovers a young vampire girl named Hazuki (but her persona’s name is Luna) who basically just wants to get out of it, because she can’t leave until someone breaks the barrier. So, he does that, but there’s a few more details that you really should find out for yourselves. Vampires aren’t happy with their “Miss Luna” leaving the castle so they try to force her to go back and etc. For the animation and the art style. Animation was good, but the art style… Well, this anime is from 2005 so I guess it’s good for that time, but I can’t deny that the backgrounds for the show are really well made, almost surprisingly well. Now… genre. This is a comedy, supernatural, vampire, shounen anime. For the comedy part, I’ve actually had a pretty good laugh watching this and I don’t deny it, but in every episode there will be a few scenes when a bathtub randomly falls onto the characters head and sometimes they don’t even feel it, I feel like it’s just there so you can know when the character has done something stupid. This comedy has more aspects, but this is the one that bugs me, even though it’s funny sometimes. There’s another problem, the opening song is the worst by far that I’ve seen in ANY anime. It reminds me of “Dora the Explorer”. That’s a huge turn off for me. Also, there’s LOLI in this anime and that’s just wrong! Hazuki’s 13 and Kouhei’s like 21 and they fell in love. Overall, I rate this anime with a huge 7. It’s really underrated so go ahead and watch it even if these things don’t sound great.


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