Awkward massage

So, as I said on my YouTube channel, I’m in a hotel to recover from my surgery (it was three months ago but…whatever) and I have to exercise and swim every day. One day I was having an underwater massage (not relaxing as it sounds). Basically you go into this bathtub which has a hoe that’s connected to it. Once it’s turned on it uses a water from the bathtub and then the water goes through it and a strong jet of water comes out, it works kinda like a fountain. Anyways, the women who was massaging me had to practice for high school (that’s my guess) and she was going up my leg with that hoe and then… in one moment… she went a little too left and set the hoe on my private parts. I was so embarrassed, but she luckily didn’t seem to notice. That was the most awkward massage in my life. Gosh, the feeling was so bad.



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