Hatsune Mix review

Guys, I finally did it! I finally finished my first manga, and by finished I mean read all the volumes! I’m proud to say that my first manga is called “Hatsune Mix”, the unofficial Hatsune Miku manga. The story includes Miku, Rin, Len ad Luka as far as the vocaloids go and many more human characters. About the storyline, there really isn’t one. You don’t have to read all the chapters, nor volumes to understand what’s going on because every chapter has its own mini story. The manga itself is funny and has a good art style, but there are some timeskips which makes the story kinda not understandable, but that is very rare. This manga contains some 13+ stuff, but there’s no nudity or cursing. You really don’t need to pay much attention while you are reading this manga and that’s what I like about it. Characters are cute and not perfect, especially Miku. In this manga Miku is lazy, selfish, but she does love to sing. Rin and Len are kinda the wise ones and Luka does not appear much (that’s what I don’t like) so I don’t really know much about her personality. I gave this manga 9/10 on MAL. Great 😀


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