Otaku talk time: Catgirls

Every anime fan encountered catgirls at some point, right? As well as many, many anime fans I too do love catgirls and I’m here to discuss why it is like that. Why do people love catgirls? Well, the first reason is that they are like cats, they are cuddly and cute and innocent. Sometimes they make kawaii faces and get into some cat poses like the one down below.

Some guys like a girl that will depend on them, they would love to take care of her and help her in every way they can. In other words they want a helpless girl that’s sweet and kind, or they just want a little sister to protect and that would be the second reason. The third reason is the fact that they can turn from extremely cute and pure to extremely angry and furious. The forth and the final reason is because they are the most similar to humans then any other monster species and they don’t look so extremely different. These are my thoughts on this matter, feel free to comment more reasons if you want :3


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