STARMYU review

This month I’ve been watching a new anime called “STARMYU”, or “High School Star Musical” and I’m still obsessed with it and it’s still airing. This is my first music genre anime and, let me tell you, it has set my expectation bar pretty high for the other music anime I will maybe watch in the future. The story itself revolves around five students who are together in a team in prestige music school and those are Yuuta Hoshitani, the amateur, Tooru Nayuki, the shy one, Kaito Tsukigami, he’s jealous of his big brother’s success, Kakeru Tengenji, the actor and Shuu Kuga, the musician. Together they’ve been through so many things already even though I only watched six episodes. The show is very fast-paced and that’s what I don’t like, Tooru’s eyelashes are too thick and in some scenes the character’s mouths look like beaks. However, there’s more to this show then any other that I’ve watched so far, there’s great music and not only the opening and the ending, there are songs in the episodes as well and I’ve been jamin’ out to them this whole month. The story is great except for its fast peace. I give this one… ( I’m undecisive 😦 )… a…. 8.5/10! Great anime!


2 thoughts on “STARMYU review

  1. If you’re in to music anime, then you can give Hibike! Euphonium a shot – up to you of course. Heard some good things about it. KyoAni (Kyoto Animation) tend to do some really great art / animation.

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