Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou review

I finished this anime yesterday at 11 pm. but I was so tired so I didn’t post a review of it. “Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou” is fantasy, ecchi, comedy anime about this boy who is destined to become a Demon King or Daimaou, but he doesn’t want to become him. Suddenly his world falls apart, his colleagues hate him, along with the rest of the world, he’s under 24/7 surveillance and it drives him completely crazy. Only four girls like him and he doesn’t wanna lose them, because they and one boy are the only ones who understand him. This anime doesn’t contain too much adult or sexual content, I would say it contains just as much as it needs to, not too much or too less. I like the artwork, animation, but there is one thing that’s a huge turn off for me; Akuto (the boy’s name) goes completely nuts in the last episode, I was like: “You are so bad shit insane Akuto!” while I was watching it. I won’t say why he’s insane to me, ’cause that’s a major spoiler. I would give this anime 8/10 because of that turn off. Go ahead and watch it.


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