JK Meshi! review

horriblesubs-jk-meshi-01-720p-mkv_snapshot_02-11_2015-10-05_21-31-22I started this anime ten minutes ago or even less and I’ve already finished it. This anime is made of three minute long episodes about three schoolgirls who are studying for their exams and at one point they decide to take a break. Before the break they actually talk about some school stuff that are true and that can help a lots of kids with their school work, but just a tiny bit. During the break one girl cooks a meal for everyone and talks about it, you know how the ingredients are good for your body, your brain etc. and I feel like it is actually good for children to learn about food they eat. The characters (and by the characters I mean the three girls) are kawaii a.k.a. cutesy, but the art style itself is pretty bad along with the animation. I wanted to watch this anime just because I wanted to relax for a bit and to try something new. I gave this anime 5/10. I’m sorry, but it just not my cup of tea, ya know.


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