Clannad review

Yesterday evening I finished one of better anime shows I have ever watched, “Clannad”. “Clannad” is a story about one boy named Tomoya Okazaki and about one girl named Nagisa Furukawa who are trying to revive the drama club in their high school.On their way they meet some girls who need their help, Tomoya of course helps everyone of them. Unfortunately the first girl disappears and everybody forget her even though she was kind of a celebrity in her school and she so cute. I’ll stop talking about the plot now to not give out any spoilers. This anime show is really cute and funny, but at the same time touching and tragic and I feel like that contrast really adds something specific to this anime. Characters are so well made and unique, but also similar in their insecurities. Also, one girl has this cute little baby boar as a pet named Botan ah he’s the cutest thing ever, even noises he makes are cute. Moving on to things I don’t really dig in this anime. I don’t like Tomoya’s way of treating girls, he can be so rude and stupid. I also didn’t like Sunohara’s behavior at the beginning of the series(I’m calling him by his surname because that’s what the other characters call him), he was so rude to girls, especially to one girl named Tomoyo who beats him up every time and he thinks she’s a man. Sunohara was very pushy and dumb at the beginning of the series, but he gets better. This was anime that almost made me cry, it’s just too powerful. Without further a do, I’m rating this anime whit 8/10. All the reasons are described and listed in this post.


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