Hands of Love review


Today Miley Cyrus has released a brand new single called “Hands of Love” and it will be in some movie. The song itself is very calming and slow, also very beautiful. The lyrics are about becoming who you really are and being free and strong. The chorus of the song is very touching, but again very strong and powerful, it makes me just wanna dance to this song on my prom. Now, Miley is very independent and strong person so I think this song really suits her. You can really listen to this song when you’re sad and it will lighten your mood for sure, or you can listen to it when you’re happy and become even happier. It doesn’t matter which mood are you in, it will definitely wake up on feeling in you and that’s freedom mixed with power. I’m rating this song with 10/10! Smilers be happy đŸ™‚


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