Why anime isn’t just for kids

I really wanted to post something, but there isn’t any anime review coming out for at least three days ’cause the anime I’m watching has a bit more episodes than other anime shows I’ve watched (except “Fairy Tail”) and it’s really sad, but beautiful. Anyways, as you can see in the title today I’m gonna list my reasons why anime is not just for kids. It simply makes me furious when people who didn’t watch any anime or they’ve watched just ones for kids say “Oh, this anime is just cartoon for kids.”, I just wanna smash them. So here are my reasons or proofs that anime is not just for kids.

1.Some anime contains strong/bad language.

2.Some can even contain adult topics or scenes.

3.There are anime shows and movies that contain blood or gross things like body parts flying.

4.There is even anime porn called hentai (and I think it’s gross)

So there you have it, those are proofs anime are not just for kids. All of you people who think anime is just for kids, go ahead and do some research and educate yourself about huge anime and manga community that’s out there.


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