High school decision

Since I arrived at 8th grade wherever I turn I hear only one irritating question: “What high school will you go in?”. That question follows me everywhere I go and now my head hurts from just hearing the first letter of it. Anyways, I have the second reason too and that is: “I haven’t decided yet!” I thought I had made that decision long time ago, but it turned out that the school I wanted to go in isn’t really what I wanted to. I wanted to develop games and softwares for computers and maybe even phones, but this school only has web design (designing websites) and that’s mostly drawing and I can’t draw. However, the school I want to go is really far away from my home and my parents can’t drive me there every single day. Now I’m very much afraid about my future now, I’m afraid I won’t end up doing what I truly love and that I will end up doing something I really don’t want to do. Oh, why did this question ever come?


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