Otaku you guys probably know I’m huge otaku, for some of you who don’t know what an otaku is it’s a person that is a big fan of anime and manga. My plans for anime reviews on this blog are to make them more often. I know for the fact that there are some of you so called ‘hidden’ otakus, people that love anime and manga, but deny it or just keep that thing to yourself, hidden from the world. Here is my message to all of you, stop hiding, be yourself and embrace every single part of it, watch anime and read manga with proud. Whenever someone calls you an otaku or a nerd just say: “Thanks.” because that’s a compliment, at least I see it like that from my point of view. Collect figurines, cosplay, learn Japanese or do whatever you want to do. I hate to admit it, but I was ‘hidden’ otaku until I opened my eyes and saw, that everyone will accept me like that, if they won’t I will just ignore them because their opinions do not matter. My parents used to say: “Why are you watching that stupid thing?” when I watched Yu-gi-oh or Bakugan or even Pokemon, I would just say: “You don’t discuss other people’s taste.” and kept on watching. My parents probably still think anime shows are stupid, but I do not care, I also have two good friends and we share our otaku interests, recommend new anime shows to each other and so on. Anyways, come out of the shadows and watch anime and manga freely. Can you also leave suggestions for some good anime shows in the comments?


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