Book report?


Ok, so everyone has to write book report, I get that (some of us don’t read books), but c’mon this book is just stupid. Translated from my language it’s called “The Birch”. Don’t try to google it ’cause it is only on Croatian. Anyways, the book is about the girl who’s dying ’cause of fever, that sickness was dangerous in middle ages I guess. Everyone would came close to her bed and said: “Oh, you will die.”, really happy wright? She also had a daughter and she died before her mother shorty after she was born and everyone said she may die She MAY die, yeah really morbid. To treat dying girl they poured horse pee on her and gave her milk. That’s enough, she died and end of story. As you can see it’s really morbid and bad, and I’m suppose to write a book report on that? Unfortunately I have too. Now what do you think about this story?  Once I’m done with this one (a.k.a. once I write a report) I’ll read something good because I LOVE reading.


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