I survived…

back-to-school-classroomThis morning I went to school for the first time after six months (I had a surgery and I had to stay home for 3 months and then I had holidays for other 3 months). I was super nervous, excited and happy too. All the time I thought about all the exams and lectures… Yeah, not so great. When I came in the classroom there was nobody around ’cause I was a bit early. The bell rang and the school has officially started. Classroom filled up after a couple of seconds. Happiness started to come out. I was a bit relieved when I saw familiar faces. We talked a bit and then the class has began. Of course first our class master had to explain the rules of the school(don’t do this and that…). Then we had biology, it was the most uncomfortable and the most embarrassing class ever. Our teacher talked about what we’ll learn this school year and then she started to talk about puberty and growing up and… sex. I was so embarrassed. I couldn’t wait for it to be over. Then we had English, that was actually fun, but chemistry wasn’t. I have weird chemistry teacher, he just walked around the class for 45 minutes and we could talk as long and as loud as we wanted too. Geography was up, we have the sweetest teacher ever, she is so nice. We talked about our plans for high school and more. At the end of the day I was sooo tired, oh did I mention none of us had any books?


4 thoughts on “I survived…

  1. YAY! Well, maybe not so yay but you know… I’ve been back at school after the holidays and it feels like I’ve been back forever… So weird! Puberty talks are the worst…. We had an assembly about how girls shouldn’t flush their ‘sanitary towels’ down the toilet!! That’s my school for you! Maybe you could check out my blog? I love yours by the way! 🙂


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