The other day my family and I went to a soccer game. When we got to the stadium I found that there will be two games, kids and then adults. I of course brought my phone with me because I knew I’m gonna be bored because I do not like sports like the other boys. I am always that boy in class who doesn’t have a clue about the last night football game, or who are the top players in the team. I always feel awkward when the others are there, babbling about sports and I’m sitting and staring into the wall, however that does not change my taste, I still won’t like sports. Back to the point. Anyways, I’ve spent half of the game checking my Instagram and Facebook and the other half ‘watching’ it, but I was just staring and thinking about other stuff. The first game ended without me even noticing it, fine. The other game started in 6 pm. This time I was switching between my phone and watching the game (this time I was really watching, well… half-watching ’cause my half of my view was blocked by one person). A couple of days before that there was another game and I when to that one too, it was only one. I had no interest in watching it so I did not, when we were going home my dad started talking to me. He said: “You can’t just follow technology and music.

I was: “Mhm…”

“These players…”

I stopped listening there. I don’t care for what he wants for me to do. No matter how much world tries to change me I’ll still be the same and I LOVE it. Even now he tries to make me love sports, but I’m still the same. Be you, no matter how much someone or something tries to change you. Even though my dad and I sometimes don’t get along I still love him.


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